Can Anyone Tell Me A Spell On How To Grow Wings?


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Spells and magic are not real things, they only exist in myths and legends, however certain things in this world are may be called magic by some people however this is actually science. Therefore there is no actual spell or incantation that can cause you to grow wings; however the growth of wings on humans may occur as part of evolution at some point in the distant future as we have all evolved from single celled organisms.

One of the best examples of this idea is in the science fiction literature of the Marvel comic series X-men. Here due to untapped potential of the human brain and the mutation of genes in the human body, a new species in created known as homo-superior or mutants. These mutants have certain gifts and powers given to them through the process of evolution. These powers range from super fast healing, telekinesis and yes flying and growth of wings. One of the main characters in the series is named Angel and she has wings drawn as that of an angel although they are tattooed onto her body when not in use, which allow him to fly. The increased use of wings in popular culture has probably lead to the increased number of people trying to fly through magic.

So by the majority of the population, the idea of growing wings is something that will never happen, and there is no such thing as magic, however many do believe that in the future due to science and evolution such things maybe possible. And as it was in the past many things written as science fiction are now true in real life today, and those that aren't, scientists are working on to make them real. But for those that do believe in magic and spells, below are some incantations that have been written that if real would potentially allow you to grow wings.

'The ground is where I lay my feet, the sky is where I want to be, two wings grow where behind me lay, now jump up and fly away.'

'Get into a concentrated state and say: "by the power of (your element) and through the magic of my winx, unleash my power and reveal my wings. Say everyday for seven days four times each."'
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I went to and made a wish.

And I had the vision and know what to do.

It will, take you 1-2 months to do.... Once you cast the spell. If you are really sure you want to do this, I can tell you how. But be forewarned - your life will never be the same and you will never be able to stay in one place for long. Like in Maximum Ride, minus the evil scientists and Erasers.

Nothing will ever be the same. Do this only if you are sure you want this....

Go here if you are serious and only if you are sure:

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Try sitting on your bed and concentrating on your wings, and what you want them to look like. Do this until it works, you can always feel them sprouting, but do NOT lose concentration. If you do, no wings! Do this every night, trust me. IT WORKS!!!
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Have you grown your wings?? Can you post pics if you have please?? I want to see what they look like!!! Thanks!! (:
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You can grow wings you just have to believe in yourself anything is possible.Some people say magic isn't real and thats why no one is magic cause some people don't believe.all the people that believe don't let other people control you, and magic is real just believe.
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Do not go to real wishes >com! It is a scam!
It wants you to bookmark it so  they get paid. Visiting the site makes them get even more!
Don'ttry, its a wate of time!
Listen to me!

Go to wishing hope it works!
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I have a spell to grow wings guys here it is, Find a sunflower, blades of grass with dew on them, and two bird
> feathers and recite: “The ground is where I lay my feet, The sky is
> where I want to be, Two wings grow where behind me lay, Now jump up
> and fly away
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Http://    go to this website, havent tried yet but yer hope this helps.
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I never thought about having wings but I suppose it would be quite cool I say make your own spell because then you can control everything about them like there size there colour and how long they take to develop.

If you need advice on writing a spell I suggest checking out the website "embracing mystery" 

It is very long but if you have the time to read through it, it is very helpful.

The reason you should write your own spell is because each time you use a spell a bit of its power is taken, and especially as it's on the internet, it would have been used many times.

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If you drink red bull you will grow wings. Advert in england for a stimulating drink claim this.
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What world do you live in - a fantasy word? I advise that you go to a voodoo doctor for advise.
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You will probably have to go to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry to learn this :)
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I see your a major fan of Tokio Hotel.... Anyway do you know one of those spells?
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No, I wish I did so I could be flying around. ☺

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