Do You Bless Your Food Each Time You Eat?


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I have been know theirs a song called while I'm waiting by john Waller and that song is amazing yet sometimes I forget to pray and it makes me feel so bad because I know as christains were supposed to pray before we eat and yuor supposed to open your day in prayer and close your day in prayer.
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Lady D Bell
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I pray everytime I eat. I pray when my eyes open up and when I closed them at night. I need to start back fasting.
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Yes I give thanks for blessing of givings each and every time I eat sometimes when I am really hungry and begin to eat before blessing my food and to ask the lord to help those that are less fortunate I stop and thank god and not to let me choke for forgetting who got me to this next meal lol its okay he created everything including our sense of humor
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We need to thank the Lord for all things, and asking a blessing on the food provided is a great start, but we're not "instructed" to pray before every meal. If you feel led to do so, AWESOME! It's a great discipline, but not one to feel guilty about.

I don't take lightly the importance of prayer, and we have formal times, requests, and confessions that need to be addressed reverently, but our prayers should be good-natured as well. God doesn't want us to just go through the motions, and pray as a ritual.

Prayer is talking with God, in many forms. When we are taught to "pray without ceasing", it doesn't mean that we should be in our prayer closet 24/7; it means: 1) remain diligent, perhaps praying for several years concerning burdens and requests close to your heart; and 2) constant awareness of His presence: Thanking Him, petitioning Him, acknowledging Him, and laughing with Him - all of these in all we do (at work, at a picnic, watching a ballgame, etc.)

I'm not insinuating at all that we should drop the habit of praying before meals, but pray from the heart, not from the routine. Next time you "slip" and start eating without remembering to pray, or even if you DID pray, be spontaneous and pause in the middle of taking a bite and say to Him: "Wow, God! Thank you for making this food so wonderful that my mouth waters!" or "Thanks for creating us with these taste-buds so that we can enjoy your nourishment for us" or even "Father, thank you that you always meet our needs, but thank you especially right now for..." fill it in yourself (The flowers that make the centerpiece so pretty, the family or friends that are sharing the meal with you, the strength the food will provide for the tug of war game later at this picnic, ...)

Enjoy your Lord... And give thanks.
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Oh yeah I've come to far to turn back now, that was a part of my up bringing and to be where I am not cloth and in my right mind it was nobody but GOD I must bless my meals my prior sleep and my awakening all these things take place only by his grace....the best to you
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I do but sometimes I just forget to do it
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I know that I should, but I do not. I am faithful about saying thank you for all of my blessings each time I pray (which is daily).
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Yes I do. I also attend men's bible study every Saturday morning. Sometimes if I am still getting dinner on the table my wife will say grace before I sit down.

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