What Is The Difference Between Black & White Magic ? What Are Their Side Effects In Human Life?


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Magic is the art of amusing my means of hidden illusions. We use the term Magick with a "k" to show the occult or Witchcraft Magick to differentiate from this stage magic. Magick is Magick, there is no black or white. It is just their intentions makes the difference. When Good people use the forces of nature for good work (great work) other people call it white Magick and when bad people use those for their benefit or to harm others, it is called as black Magick by other people. But it is just two colors.
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Magic is truly the Most Attractive Game of Intelligence and Clever. Who does not get attracted to the magic? (Ask Harry Potter if there is any hidden code exists for such attraction!). There are two clear lines of magic - white and black magic. The distinction between them is relative to the occasion and circumstances. Anything good (within the magical domain) is white and the black magic is always considered as the destructive and harmful with all the negative powers.

White magic never claims any supernatural occurrences; neither they gift any divine power, blessings, etc. They simply entertain people with fun and enjoyment, without having any destructive intention. By seeing the people's attraction towards the white magic, few magicians try to influence people (blacking out the truth cleverly!) with some supernatural acts and thus they generate Black magic. The black magic gives rise to the superstition, believing in the witchcraft, etc. Black magicians claim to be the creator of the white magic and having for all the creation/destruction capabilities within them.

Each line of the magic has their unique character of side effects on the lifeline of the society. People enjoy white magic as entertainment and education. The power of white magic can be utilized to spread the awareness against the evils of the black magic. White magic is for progress and prosperity. On the other hand, black magic asks people to surrender. They encourage brutality, cruelty, and all other non-humanitarian qualities, thereby pulling back the society from glorious advancement.
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Wow your good but hear my theory: In the beginning there are no black and white magicks.its just magick. And black and white really have nothing to do with it. Black is commonly used to reffer to what we consider to be evil, while white is usually used to depict our recognition of good. Leaving there only really to be good magick and bad magick. But those don't exist either sice what is good and what is bad is able to be judged different ways by different people. So in the end theres only really magick. So neither one is good or bad. you just shouldn't meddle with it.
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I believe there is no difference as far as the after effects. Magic is magic, from experience it is not a very good idea to indulge in the ways of magic. The repercussions are bound to have ill affects. For instance, if you bind someone not to do something, it is against their will, if you bind someone to protect someone from them, it is still against their will. you must be very careful not to make someone do something they don't want to do. They say if you do the karma from the magic will come back to you, and it is said to be 4 fold worse than what you had done. It will bring bad karma to your life and your children lives. I wish everyone who is doing magic would heed the warnings. I have learned reading the Bible that God is very set against any type of magic, for the mere fact that he wants you to trust and depend on him for everything, and not take things into your own hands.
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White magic is actually for fun or to entertain people. White magic don't have any kind of side effect if used only for entertainment.

 On the other hand black magic is for doing bad with someone. It's use to destroy someone's personal life or to impact with bad effect on someone's life. There are many people who use black magic for other people because of jealously. Black magic has many bad effect as it pour bad effect on people life. 

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