My Birthday Is On October 26th. What Zodiac Sign Am I?


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You star sign is Scorpio! According to the western zodiac, Scorpios are born between October 24 and November 22 every year.

This sign is the eighth degree of the zodiac, and it's preceded by Libra and succeeded by Sagittarius. Unsurprisingly, Scorpio is depicted by a scorpion.

Scorpio's element is water, which makes people born under this sign emotional and intuitive.

This sign's quality is fixed and it's ruled by two planets: Pluto and Mars.

If I was born on October 26, what is my star sign according to the zodiac?
Scorpios possess some great characteristics:

  • They are naturally driven, determined, and sometimes forceful people. Scorpios know what they desire and they'll work night and day to achieve it.
  • The water element of this sign means that Scorpios are emotional and intuitive. They will also favour the judgements of their heart before their heads.
  • Scorpios are known for their passionate, magnetic and powerful personalities, which make them popular figures. There is never a dull moment when a Scorpio is around!

However, as with all the signs, Scorpios have some bad points too:

  • They get jealous very easily and will become resentful of others. These attributes do not aid them in long-term relationships.
  • They are at times compulsive and obsessive, which irritates and sometimes hurts both their friends and lovers.
  • Scorpios can be highly secretive and obstinate, which makes other signs suspicious of their intentions.
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While you fall under Scorpio, being so near the cusp, you may also tend to have some Libra traits as well. You possess strong reasoning powers tempered with imagination and intuition.

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