What Is The Strongest Mantra For Hindu Gods?


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Om or aum is the powerful mantra and is considered to be the sound of the universe and this has been proved by certain scientists of nasa that due to expansion there is a sound created in the empty space the so called vacuum, which sound om or aum...
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The Strongest Mantra is all the sounds which comes out   from with a clean and pure mind ....
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Each and every mantra has it's own importance. Only OM or AUM is the letter which is very powerful. The Gaytri Mantra is very strong and work for the success.
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Gayathri mantara is great mantara among the rest... Omm bur buva suwaya ...tat savitur vareyenyem..bargo devasya deemahi deyo yona peerochiyaththu...sorry incase spelling mistake.....refer in internet.....sure can get and chanting it...sure there is profit....god bless all...

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