What Does It Mean When You See A Feather Floating Through Your House And It Came From Nowhere?


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Actually, a feather floating by you gives you a bit of luck. It suppose to bring good news and fortune on the wind. If you have any of that then it is true.
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It doesn't mean anything, except possibly that you may have a bit of a draught in your house. Feathers are so unbelievably light that they can easily give the impression of coming from nowhere, and of "traveling" along almost as if they were flying. In fact they are carried along on currents of air so mild that we often don't notice them at all.
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deb gadzikowski
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Was it a little downy feather or was it a distinguishable bird feather. If it was a downy feather then Wordy's answer is likely correct but I bet if you can identify it as to what kind of a bird feather it was that there may be some mythologies that would adhere occult meaning to such an occurance.
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A floating white feather means your guardian angel is close by

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