How Many Chakras Are There In Human-Spiritual-Body Model?


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There are 114 energy centres in the human body .. Aka "chakras ":) you can go to some camp in the Desert  and think you're all deep and that you are finding yourself  while spending thousands of dollars sitting in a hut until you pass out from heat and dehydration  and realize " chakras " are a farse .. Or you can order a pizza sit on you're couch and decide " chakra's " are a farce. I have no idea  why I stumbled apon this question from 2006 expect that the universe is trying to tell me I was an idiot in my twenties .. Omg it's the CHAKRA's :p

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The Chakras are considered as life and soul energy situated in human-spiritual-body system and are arranged following the order of the continuum from red to violet in colour resembling rainbow. The Chakras job is to push life energy through the body with the help of spiritual enhancement and activation, and to receive energy in receptor of every brightened chakra influencing the whole system. It is assumed that each chakra is associated with different thoughts and issues which directly or indirectly influence lifestyle, marriage, relationships, career, aspirations, mood, intelligence, creativity, etc. Hence if thoughts are positive, i.e., of harmony, love and peace in life, it will enhance the chakras to function properly and thereby providing energy, will-power and confidence. Whereas if thoughts are negative, then the corresponding chakra will become blocked, the color becomes dark. As for the working of the color therapy, it is believed that subtle energies from the environment are distributed among the body through seven Chakras.

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