How To Start Wording For An Invitation To Our 175th Church Anniversary Celebrations?


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Really it would depend on the general theme and tone of the event.

If you would like to keep it formal and elegant then a simple starting sentence would be best. For example, 'We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the 175th anniversary of our much loved church'. It is always best to address the invite personally if possible, this way your guests will know they are being specially invited rather than just thinking it is a bulk handout or flyer. The previous introductory sentence should be followed with the time and date of the event and then a brief explanation of the day's events. If it is to be an all day event where people can drop in to certain concerts etc, then explain that they are welcome to attend at any point of the day; otherwise people may be put off by thinking they have to attend the whole day. Such formal invites are usually best in a neutral color such as white or cream with a subtle scroll like font in a non imposing color.

If you would rather a more modern and trendy invite which will encourage a wider range of people, and intend the event to be more of a gala with stalls etc, then a more general opening sentence could be used. For example, 'You are invited to celebrate the 175th anniversary of your local church with our exciting fun for all event'. This could use brighter colors and should also mention the day's activities. If there is not space to list them all, make sure a varied selection are chosen to maximize interest. You could for example choose to include kids disco or face painting to appeal to families, choir singing to appeal to older couples and even live bands to appeal to teenagers.

There a no real rights and wrongs as long as the opening sentence fits in with the tone of the invite and reflects the tone of the day.

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