Debate On The Topic Which Is"We Are Happier Than Our Forefathers"?


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  • What is happiness?
To answer this question we first have to ask, 'What is happiness'. Happiness is different for different people and what makes us happy is also different. We could begin by looking at Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

  • Maslow's Hierarchy of needs
At the bottom of the hierarchy is our basic survival needs. We need food, water and oxygen. Moving up a level we need safety such as financial security, usually in the form of a stable job, a home to live in and good health. Thirdly we need companionship in the form of friends and family and a sexual partner. Once we have these things we can move to the next level of achieving happiness which is ensuring self-esteem and confidence and feeling as though we are respected by others. Finally, at the top of the hierarchy, is self-actualization. This is where we can be creative, spontaneous and live a fulfilling and happy life. According to Maslow, we need all these basic things before we can achieve happiness.

  • Are we happier than our forefathers?
The question probably wants us to take into account the fact that we now have technology and modern gadgets that have been designed specifically to make us happy and help us live more fulfilling lives but many people question whether or not they make us happier? Some people would say they do and some people would say they do not but ultimately it isn't technology that makes us happy. As human beings we are an incredibly intelligent race and need to be evolving and improving upon ourselves in order to feel as though we are achieving something and it is this sense of achievement that makes us happy, not the actual technology. The achievements that our forefathers made now seem simplistic to us, but they would have been massive to them so it is likely that we are equally as happy as our forefathers.
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We are happier than our forefather
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No. Our forefathers, truly believed so much that they built homes with their bare hands, became presidents, senators, Mayors and the like for very little pay, and died penniless for their country, They fought in wars and received little back in return. The lessons we were given for free, along with our freedom, we have left along a roadsides. We could never be the man or woman our forefathers were. Were just to darn lazy to care.
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In Africa our forefathers were local farmers.they bend for the whole day in-other to make living for their families .at the end they start complaining about backache and waist problem but nowadays due to the improvement of science and technology machines have been discovered to make work easier for man.what man can do a day a machine can do within an hour .also fertilizers and insecticides have help to improve food production greatly.our forefathers weren't having all these
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O.k. This looks like word play to me, Batter than our Fore fathers. Means batter up for baseball and fore for golf.

Really, just depends on your view of the country. I am not one to say yes or no because there are good and bad things that have happened to make this country what it is.
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Our forefathers were more happy than us because there was more unity, understanding and care for each other.

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That would depend on how you think about it.we have better lives for the most part because of medicines and technology but to say you we are better is a laugh.if anything we have become big fat blobs because of advances and technology. Most people on the planet could not even survive on their own if they had to without these advancements. As I learned by trying just to split firewood by hand or digging a tree stump up without any power assisted tools. So in some ways we are better off but not better. Our forefathers did all of what we do today manually by hand.if the people of today were made to work like in the past they would literally die from moving on to say the justice system in the past when someone committed murder or any crime just as brutal the criminal would have been hung,shot,punished now we put them in a nice warm building and feed them and give them free medical care taking better care of them than the people they committed the crimes against. So to say we are better off is a joke. In the past literature was made for learning and actual historical news now we report on people that get noticed for taking their clothes off or acting out in public because they are rich or famous corrupting to say we are better off I would say we are slip sliding back into the mess from which  this country was started in order to get away from it. We have come so far in some ways but in others we have barely even started to crawl.
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Not at all. Despite availability of all facilities which are necessary for a better life, unfortunately we can not say that our life is better than our forefathers. During these hardships, we have lost our values, humanity, good feelings and better living hopes.
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We may have more materially but I feel the life they had was happier. Mothers often stayed at home and families were closer. We knew everyone in the neighbourhood and felt safe. Doors were left unlocked and often neighbours would get neighbour's children to go to the local shops to buy stuff for them. There was more discipline in the house. Drugs were almost unheard of.
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As a rule, no. They ate all natural food and did not have all the Drive-Thru type drugs of today. They worked hard, believed in family, new how to enjoy life, laugh and have fun. Didn't get all of the ills of today. Were very spiritual too...

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