How To Introduce My Husband,who Is A Pastor As The Guest Speaker At A Church?


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Meta Forrest answered
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Pastor ------ , who is with us today/this evening to talk with us about (and give the subject )
Caleb Gosa Profile
Caleb Gosa answered
Tell the congregation that Acts 7:47-48 & 17:24 tells him that GOD DOES NOT LIVE IN CRAFTED TEMPLES and the congregation calls the spirit of SATAN that is in them 'God' but all ANTI-CHRISTS don't mind leading their members into HELL.

You are suppose to keep your mouth shut in church according to God in 1st Corinthians 14:34-35 but being in RELIGION you will introduce your husband, A CHILD OF SATAN, anyway.

The odds are, I will see you and your entire biological family (Luke 14:26) across the chasm in HELL because only a FEW will enter heaven but no one in any kind of RELIGION that meets in ROBBERS DENS will be there.

Jesus NEVER complimented any RELIGION, RELIGIOUS LEADERS, CRAFTED TEMPLES or SATAN but RELIGIOUS people will twist God's inspired words into LIES and present them to others TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXTS into LIES.(John 8:44)

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