Why Does Joel Osteen Charge So Much To Hear Him Preach When Billy Graham Is FREE? If Jesus Were Preaching, I Don't Think He Would Charge.


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Well, your confusion is very much justified. Religion has become a money making business for some people. And they are exploiting the believes of many followers. I believe preaching should be free of charge for everyone. So that more and more people can follow the path of God. You are right in saying that If Jesus were preaching, It would have been free of charge. People who follow the true path of Jesus would not charge anything for communicating his teachings to the common people.
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I totally agree. The word of God should be FREE to ALL who chose to hear it!
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I agree somewhat as well! Not so much that they charge a fee, but that they charge so much. I understand that there is a price for reserving the arena or auditorium, travel expenses, etc. and that they need some amount of pay. But to live as lavishly as they do, just doesn't fit the profile one is accustomed to seeing when it comes to "preachers". I like the way Rick Warren (Author of The Purpose Driven Life) did it. When he made his fortune from the selling of that book, he returned every penny he made as pastor of that church back to that church. He truly believed that was why God had blessed him with the bounty from the book. And if my memory serves correctly he has refused any further pay from his church as well.

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