What Is The Meaning For The Celtic Tree Of Life Symbol?


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Drakenitee that is Native American.

Actually I am a celtic Shaman, A master Shaman in fact. The CELTIC Tree of Life was the center of the Celtic tribe's spiritual beliefs! Three worlds dwell in the celtic tree of life. The upper (Limbs and leaves), middle ( the trunk, this world) and the under world (the roots).

When the tribe came to land they wanted to live on that was surrounded or full of trees, especially oak. They would clear the land and leave one Oak tree in the middle for protection. It was where all the important ceremonies were held!

It was believed that the celtic tree of life, carried all messages to the other worlds.
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I am a shaman and it means EARTH,AIR,FIRE,AND WATER. These are all the elements of your being and what you represent and what place in life you may fit shaman skills and heritage are from the native American Indians of the lower creek nation. Maybe I helped you....

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