What Is Diplomacy?


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Diplomacy is known as the art of forging a relationship without resorting to arguments or conflicts. The term is usually used in reference to foreign policies or external affairs. Foreign ambassadors or envoys are specially designated to negotiate on matters of bilateral or multilateral interests to nations, and also to discuss on laws and agreements which can affect their nation. Diplomacy defers from an aggressive approach, and uses an assertive approach in dealing with people.

The goal of diplomacy on an international level is to safeguard the national interests, foster trade and promote the culture and economy between nations. The word comes from the Greek word "diploma" which literally means "folded in two." In old Greece, a diploma was a certificate for completion of a course, quite akin to the way it is used in present times too. The meaning of the word was extended to imply official travel papers like passports and passes for regal lanes in the Roman Empire. The meaning of diploma soon extended from travel documents to other official papers like treaties with foreign kingdoms. In the 1700s, the French used the word "diplomatique" for a body of officials who were assigned for negotiations with neighboring countries. It was Sir Edmund Burke who introduced the word "diplomacy" (from the French word "diplomatique") in the English language in the year 1796.
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The term 'to be diplomatic' says that somebody is answering some questions in such a way that it does not hurt any body's feelings and the person is saved from making more enemies.

The term has its origin in the word diplomacy which describes the activity of managing relations between countries. While managing relations with countries the person has to deal in a very subtle way and when this very phenomenon is being acted by somebody, the term finds its relevance and is being used by people to show their skills in the use of a language.

There are some other terms also that are based on this very word and they are 'diplomatic immunity, diplomat, diplomatic bag and diplomatist. The last one is no longer in use and considered as old fashioned one.
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The handling of relations between nations.
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The conduct by government officials of negotiations and other relation between nations
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Diplomacy refers to the ability or skill to negotiate. Negotiate between groups but is applied more exactly to negotiations on the international scene between nations or groups of nations. Diplomacy is engaged in by diplomats representing the views or interests of their nations. The word itself has Greek roots but the profession and use of diplomacy saw its widest use in the times of the Mongol Hordes. Their entire premise to invade the then Persian shahs domain was the murder of diplomats, hence the term diplomatic immunity.

In the world today diplomacy is primarily conducted in the United Nations building in New York where representatives of all the nations of the world meet and decide on issues of mutual interest. Diplomats also include Ambassadors and the staffs employed in foreign missions and consulates who represent the interest of their nations abroad. Their task is to use the various forms of diplomacy to further the interests of their nations.
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