Where Do I Find Greek Goddess Hecate?


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The Godess Hecate is depicted as having 3 heads and is The goddess who looks out for many people and situations3 headed Goddesslook here for info.
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Hecate was the Greek goddess of Crossroads or three paths which is it is guardian of household, protector of newly born and also the goddess of witchcraft. For complete details on it see the link below:
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Out of the old goddesses and gods (the Titans), Hecate was highly revered by Zeus. Hecate is one of Nyx' children, and during the Titan War, Nyx and her children pledged their alliance with Zeus. After the battle, with the Titans defeated, Zeus gave Nyx and her children the honor they deserved. Hecate is an interesting goddess, known as the goddess of crossroads, magic, sorcery, witchcraft, and the dark side of the moon, it is said that she resides in the Underworld as well.

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