How Do I Read The Expiration Date On Tgi Fridays Orange Dream Blender?


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How you read the expiry date on a TGI Fridays Blenders Orange Dream depends upon the format in which it is given. As it is an American brand, it is very likely to be given in the format month; day; year. This is probably the way in which it should be correctly read. However, if this conclusion still leaves you uncertain it would be best to contact TGI Fridays about the product via telephone or email. Contact details for the company can be found at its official website. Alternatively, ask to retailer from which you bought the item (if this was not TGI Fridays).

• TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is a popular American food chain, with restaurants across America as well as Europe and a few other international destinations. The chain has the philosophy that it is 'always Friday' when dining at their restaurant. TGI Fridays serves typical American dishes such as burgers, steaks and ribs. Popular side dishes include onion rings and fries. The restaurant has a sophisticated yet laid back feel. The décor inside features pop art designs and current chart music is played in the evenings.

A three course meal for two at TGI Fridays costs between 70 and 80 US dollars. Cocktails cost around 10 dollars each; the choice here is extensive with over 500 cocktail drinks to choose from.

• TGI Fridays Blenders Orange Dream

In addition to its main business of running restaurants, TGI Fridays sells a number of branded products such as the TGI Fridays Blenders Orange Dream. This is an orange flavored alcoholic drink with hints of vanilla taste. To prepare the drink, simply add crushed ice. One bottle costs around $20, and contains enough liquid to make 18 cocktail drinks, making it reasonably good value for money - better value for money than the high price tag initially suggests.

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