What Happened To Jewish Children During And After The Holocaust?


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Murdered. Shot, gassed, burned alive, and possibly even tortured.
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I agree with that answer. I wanted to add a little more, there was a guy named Oskar Schindler who was a germen nazi trying to defend jews. He tricked the nazis into thinking that he was buying the jews to make them work for him.....but in fact that was what he was doing that but the underline thing was that we was buying the jews to save as much jewish families as he could. Children and all......the jews that were saved by him are today called the Schindler Jews. For more info on the Holocaulst I would reconmend that you read the book Night by Elie Wiesel and watch the movie Schindler's List.
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Well, most of the Jewish children were murdered during the holocaust along with their parents and relatives. Some of these children along with adults managed to live under false identities and after the fall of nazis managed to live their life openly.
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I agree with your answer also but adults were tested on and I think that tortured them even more by losing all their family and you can't forget only a hand full lived and I think they feel to this day sad about that too so that is my answer to that question

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