Describe One Incident In The Life Of Jesus That Led To His Death And Why?


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He threw the money changers out of the Temple, which annoyed the Sanhedrin. This led to him being stoned to death on the eve of Passover. He was *not* crucified, Passover is at the Vernal Equinox, the old pagan festival whose symbol is a cross, to indicate the crossing of Winter into Spring. So Jesus died 'on the cross', but he was in fact stoned to death by his own people, no Roman involvement whatever.
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The one incident that led to Jesus' death was the sin of Adam. Prior to that it would not have become necessary. His death bought back the possibility of life for all of mankind. Romans 5:12 and John 3:16. The Bible has been written for our instruction. Jesus' purpose on Earth was to teach us the Truth about God. By Jesus' example, many people gained a clear understanding of what His Father is like. The Bible says that" Jesus left us a model to follow his footsteps closely." 1 Peter 2:21. Jesus gave up his Life in Heaven to buy our lives back. He was the only Perfect Man who could replace Adam. If we follow his footsteps, we will receive the Paradise on Earth, that Adam and Eve selfishly relinquished.

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