My Boyfriend And I Are Having A Baby But We Want To Combine Our Names To Make A Name For The Baby.Hes Name Is Jesus Manuel And My Name Is Dariela.How Can Combine This Two Names To Make One.Please Help Me?


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Thats pretty hard to do if its a boy it could be Jesus Darrel Manuel. If its a girl it could beDanella Jess Manuel 
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Darielle-good woman, american origin
Dariel from your name
el from Manuel from his name...and its an actual name.

Jesmaniela is another very unique name...

Dara-means compassionate and its hebrew...

I hope this helps...I personally like Darielle
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Jessica Manuella Dariela for a girl. Jesus is a hard name to try to put in feminine form, I'll admit. And for a boy, Jesus Manuel Darril instead of Darryl or Darrel.

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