What Was The Religion Of The New York Colony?


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There were a variety of religions that there people in New York practiced. Different people practicing different religions comprise the population of New York. Thus there was no particular religion to be practiced. Though, Protestants, make a large population in New York and also around it. The nine different kinds of religion practiced include Baptist that consisted of a population of around 7.3%, while the Protestants made it up to 40%. Muslims were also a part of New York, they made up to a minority of 2.4% while the Jewish also included only a minor population of 3.4%. Episcopal cover 5.5%, while Presbyterian consisted of only 3.2%. Thus, there were these variety of religions practiced, but among all these there was also one particular group that practiced none of the above religions, this group was called as the "non-religious" group , this group consist of 17.9% of the total population.
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I started as a primarily Dutch colony because that was who is was founded by but of the Duke of York took over it primarily became Protestant and Catholic.

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