What Is Agile Scrum Methodology?


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Agile Scrum is a method that was developed by Ken Schwaber. The goal of this mythology is to improve productivity in teams earlier paralyzed by heavier, process-laden methodologies.it is widely used in the management of software development projects. For further information click on the link:
Agile Scrum Mythology
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Agile scrum methodology is an approach to software development which is characterised by work being done in small teams composed of experts who build software in a series of small stages. The functionality which will be added at each stage is carefully considered.

Agile methodology arose as a reaction against other software development methodologies which emphasised lengthy upfront design. It was felt that these methodologies often became unworkable in practice because of changes in requirements from the customer. Practitioners of agile methodology welcome changes in requirements because the methodology is designed to be adaptable. It bears strong similarities with the extreme programming movement.
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Scrum is an agile development method that concentrates specifically on how to manage tasks within a team-based development environment. Scrum believes in empowering the development team and advocates working in small teams (say- 7 to 9 members). You can use Agile Services that can help with introducing this method into companies.

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