How Do I Spell Jesus In Arabic?


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Arabic has different alphabets so I cannot explain how it is spelled in Arabic. However, Jesus is called Eeesa in Arabic. Al - Maseeh as a previous post said, is the word for Messiah. I hope it answers your question.

However, Muslims do not believe Jesus to be God's son. Jesus in Islam, is a prophet but human. He is considered to have been born through a miracle.

Islam does not believe in the concept of trinity. There is only one God according to Islam.

Muslims do believe the following about Jesus:

I. He was a prophet.
Ii. He was born through a miracle.
Iii. He had no father.
Iv. He was born to the virgin Mary.
V. He had several miracles.
Vi. He could heal the sick including lepers though God's will.
Vii. He could bring back the dead to life.
Viii. He was lifted up to heaven before his death on the cross.
Ix. He is going to come to the world again to revive God's spirit in people.
X. He is going to die a natural death after his second arrival.

I hope I have explained it to you. If there's anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask.
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In Arabic Jesus is referred as Prophet Issa
he is held highly in Quran and Muslims believe that one day he return to the earth to save humanity again.
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It will be spelled as "IISA".(A.S)/(
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In Arabic Jesus is actually known as Isa and in Arabic it is written as .عيسى. He is one of the greatest prophets in Islam who made lot of sacrifices for his religion.

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