I Need A Poem About Church Ushers, Where Can I Find One?


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One option if you’re looking for a poem about church ushers is to visit this link: famouspoetsandpoems.com/poets/raymond_a__foss/poems/24123 The poem is called ‘Your Usher’ by Raymond A. Foss. The poem is of course about a church usher, making it perfect for you, though you will want to consider the fact that the poem is written personally about a church usher of the writer’s local place of worship. Consider the purpose of the poem, and judge for yourself whether or not the poem is going to be suitable.

Another place to go for another poem about church ushers would be www.poetryarchive.org. Poetry Archive is there to help make poetry more accessible, and with a huge database of famous and amateur poems and written pieces, you can be sure to find something that fits your needs. Simply perform a search on the website, and you’ll no doubt come across some related poems.

If not, then there’s always www.authorsden.com. Author’s Den is a website similar to poetry archive, but is a site where readers and authors come together as a community. It’s a place for the promotion of written pieces, promotion of authors, marketing of books or simply somewhere to go for feedback. Again, just perform a site search on the website and you’ll no doubt find something that suits your requirements.

Failing this, simply perform an Internet search, and you’ll be presented with all websites that are able to offer you the relevant material. Good luck in finding the perfect poem!
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Your Usher by Raymond A. Foss
Leading us to our seats,
watching the congregation,
caring for the flock
from the back of the sanctuary,
from the aisles,
sharing the joy of worship
the community of believers
one bulletin, one smile,
one greeting, one handshake
at a time
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I need a poem about church ushers, where can I find one?
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I would like to use the scripture " Create in me a clean heart and renew my spirit."
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Where do I look for a poem about church ushers?
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My church is getting ready to have a Annual Usher Day Program and I need a poem either funny or serious
Pastor  Hesbon Nyambane Kerongo
You can find the poems here :http://www.churchpastorguide.org/welcome-for-usher-anniversary.html
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Church anniversary poems
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The only known extant manuscript of the 1534 sequence of Church Usher poems by Thomas Wyatt is owned by English Renaissance scholar Larry Page whose love for the handwritten artifact is such that he refuses to have the experience of reading the text vulgarized through print or electronic digitization. Larry is your man, although, be warned, very difficult to find. He is, as it were, off the map.

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