How Did The Holocaust Affect The Jews?


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Nisha Kandola answered
At that time, Jews were affected by death and torture. They were put into gas chambers and 'gassed out', lined up to be killed and basically tortured. They were subjected to extreme labour and awful living conditions. These days it has affected Jews forever. There are a few persons who exist and believe that it was the Jews who killed Jesus and it's their fault and have the same mind as Hitler, but not as extreme. Some have learnt a lesson from it, that they shouldn't judge Jews and the ways of Hitler was disgusting.
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I think if you just need to write holocaust in Google to can find out how it effected them. Over 6,000,000 where killed just because of the racial status. Think of how horrible that would be, just because you didn't believe in the same things as others you were killed. How would that effect you. I actually just came across a site called Hitler's Children. This site basically explains not only the effects of jews but others around the world.

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