What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment?


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There are many things that I'm very proud of accomplishing it. One of them is that I'm the only one that people trusts in my family! I don't know how did that happen, but that's what happened. And I'm very proud of it!
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My proudest accomplishment? Oh, hell... I think it has to be getting through High School, not falling to peer pressure, and keeping my virginity for all of these years. Yeah, they all fall under HIGH SCHOOL. Blech. I think that's what I'm most proud of... Accomplishment wise, anyway.
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Hmmmm! This is a hard  one to answer I don't think I have been proud of anything I have done in the past I have been happy to be done with a lot of things. Pride to me would be doing something no one else has done before something extraordinary(which if you take the word apart ) makes more sense extra-ordinary...or more than ordinary..now that's funny......I guess you would really have to ask someone that knows me if they are proud of anything I have done...anyway later
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Penny Kay
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and the runner up for Mr. America, embarrassed winner of the MOST HUMBLE, award, yes it is, OUR NOMAD 1, GOTTA ADMIRE HIM, AND I AM CERTAIN THERE HAVE BEEN MANY MILESTONES IN HIS LIFE!
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Mine would have been getting pregnant with my daughter. I almost gave up on having children because it took me more than 2years to get pregnant. We tried all the time. The doctor said I wasn't able to have children and ordered a hysterectomy. The week later I gave him a urine sample and he told me to forget it and said god's work was far from his reach: I was pregnant!!! Now she's 5 1/2 months old and I'm so thankful and blessed. Isn't God great??
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I have raised as a mom 3 wonderful adult children. That know my oldest son 33 yrs old have started a tree and landcare with my hubby this company. My hubby started mowing lawns at the age of 20, yes we did have a son, I wasn't at that time to happy to with him because we did have have a child, but know I look at my 3 adult kids, and what they do for us, they give back, they have grown into wonderful kids )adult) and I see them as great great kids, because when we were young at the time didn't have money, but we did the best we could, so to me onney isn't what you have it is the love you have with you're kids and how the appreciated us, as parents.  :)  janet
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I am very proud of one thing " I saved one of my best friends life from disaster. Though I had to bear hardship, I feel satisfied with my effort. He always comes to me for advice, if he is in trouble.
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My all time greatest accomplishment is my daughter.All 40lbs of pure 4 year old going on 30 wonderful little princess you'Myra.
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My two proudest accomplishments (has to be 2 here) are my son and daughter.  I didn't think I was "good" or "smart" enough to raise children right, but they are both successful adults with wonderful spouses and families.  My other one is taking care of my Mom for the last 5 years of her life -- not easy because she was so sickly, but I loved her enough to be the one to care for her and make her feel needed and comfortable and loved.
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I was the only one of my mom's four kids to graduate high school.
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I would have to say having my children and also trying to make everyone's life the best it can be.
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I would have to say, being with my husband for 27 years, and raising 4 children, who are kind and caring people. Making a home for them to be happy in.
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I recently joined a cross county team and it takes a lot you run1.5 miles!
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Without a doubt having my children is the best thing ,but also when I lost my little boy to still birth in 2002 I never forgot him or gave up on life I trusted in god and in 2006 was lucky enough to have another little boy followed by another little boy in 2007 not one but 2 that speaks volumes for those who trust and wait
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I saved someones life once. I would have to say that is my proudest accomplishment. And do you know what they said when they woke up in emergency to me ...Why did you do that! They were trying to commit suicide, and I saved them by CPR.oh well sometimes you can't win for losing'
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Penny Kay
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you did the right thing! suicidal people can't reason things out when depressed. Today that person probably is happy that you were there!
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Since I'm a teen and still in high school I guess my greatest accomplishment was getting straight A's on my report card. I haven't gotten all straight A+'s ever. Like one of my report cards last year it was A, A, A,B,A-,A- ,A. Something like that. This time I got straight A's! I'm proud of many other Accomplishments though.
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I am the first one in my whole family who came abroad to do higher studies. This is what I m proud of.
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When I was in intermediate that time I suffered with typhoid fever . I joined in a hospital and written maths examination with fever .after few months results came I got 145 out of 150. I felt very happy. Its my proudest accomplishment.
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My proudest accomplishment is to become what I hope to be and accomplish what I need in my life.
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I have done nothing to proud of...there is one reason behind this I can't communicate with people...one day a girl was trying to make friendship with me and she was very beautiful but I have no guts to talk to her.I was just following her upto 50 mile but still my lips was Zeb I don't no why ...if you people can answer me what I am doing 07578974935 is my number

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