Where Is Mecca?


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Mecca or Makkah as it is known is the holy pilgrimage center of the religion, Islam; the city itself is located in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Mecca is the capital of the Makkah province in the central part of Saudi Arabia which lies in the Hijaz region; the city is situated near to Jeddah the second largest city in Saudi Arabia and a major urban center of trade and commerce.

Mecca is located in a valley known as the Valley of Abraham about 80 km east from the Red Sea. The mosque at Mecca known as al-Masjid al-Haram and the Ka'aba edifice built by Abraham is regarded as the holiest spot in the world and a pilgrimage to the Mecca known as Haj is one of the foremost duties of all followers of Islam. The city is considered as the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad (570-630 AD) the founder of the religion of Islam.
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Mecca is found in Western Saudi Arabia.
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Its in Saudi Arabia
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Mecca is located  in Saudiarabia, (you.A.E). Beautiful place to visit..

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