Euthanasia: Should We Allow It?


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If a person is in their death bed and will be in much pain. It should be the family's right to ask for it or decide it. Cancer can be very painful and a long long death and sometimes a very quick death. If a person is in right mind and decides it is the best way, then yes. But not all in the family will agree to it. Even if its the best. Some thinks that during a short time there may be a cure. But not likely.
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I don't believe that it's right to make a
person live a life that is unbearable to
them (or to a family if the patient 'isn't there')
just to make other people feel better.
Everybody gets on their little soap box
and shouts out about the RIGHT TO LIVE.
When are they going to do it for the
RIGHT TO DIE?  I do believe that a doctor
ought to be on hand for it and not be a 'do it
yourself' sort of deal.  I don't believe that such
forms of release should be called murder or suicide.
Letting a loved one go is hard to do, but seeing one
laying there, the same color as the sheets and
wasting away, dying by inches, should be harder.
Keeping them alive is a comfort to you, not any sort
of kindness to them.   At that point, dying is a gift.
A loving heart should give it.
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Well, tell you the truth it's very illegal to use.

It does have a set back it sometimes don't work.
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Actually, to some extent, it is being done today in every hospital in the U.S.  Feeding tubes are being removed, respirators are turned off, "extra" morphine is administered to counter pain until it affects the patients ability to continue living.  It is always done with the consent of the family and the doctor must agree, but it is done.  They simply do not call it euthanasia.  It was just done to a good friend of mine about 2 weeks ago.  He had a stroke and was not able to speak, move, or breathe on his own.  He could not eat etc.  They removed his breathing apparatus & increased the morphine, and he died in a matter of a very few hours after 9 days of medical life.  He and his wife had discussed this procedure long before his stroke.  This is a question each of us needs to discuss with family members.  Just how much support do you want from your medical staff and for how long??
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Nicely said. Its should be a choice but also have its limits. I hate pain and there is no God that will help take that pain away, if I feel I do not wish to live a few months with horrible pain and then die. I want the option to end it quickly and painless.
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No,but a show I just watched showed there is not much we can do about it unless we start policing the internet first. There is a group of people that have their own business helping people die . They go to other countries that basically allow it to happen instead of fighting it in court.helping put a stop to these group of people doing it.
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Mark Brookshire
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If a doctor told you had eight months to live and it was going to be a very painful life in bed, would you not look for a way out? Euthanasia is the taking of a life to end suffering. Doctors have chose this many times, one being with my grandfather who was hooked up to a life support machine and about to die of Cancer. The only way to live was with a machine. Should a person have to live a life suffering from pain that nobody could help. I have always said I will not live a life in a death bed.
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Sorry,but i believe it is assisted murder/suicide.goes against my belief God/Jesus is in control even unto my death. Even if i was to be in pain til i died i would not seek to end my life on purpose.i would rely on Jesus to take the burden upon himself as he other words my body would give up my soul at the appointed time as God intended not by my choice but his. Or our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name,thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
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Yes. If the person asks for it themselves, It is legal
If a baby is born without limbs or perhaps is born in a permanent coma, the mother should have the right to order a mercy killing, or in the same case if the child is severely and permanently injured or is retarded or has syndrome. But people could start abusing the right for euthanasia and soon people might "mercy" kill their children if they have ADD or ADHD, or something else not as major.
My final statement would be yes, sometimes living itself is a debt to yourself and its own poison and punishment, far worse than can be described in my short answer for this extremely complicated subject. Those who would disagree can not understand or have not witnessed what pain can really be.
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If They Have A Painful.. Agonizing Constant Pain. Of Cancer And Tons Of Pain Meds Are Not Helping  Yes For Sure.. Close Relatives Should Decide On This... Not Some Doctor Whose Only Concern Is Will I Get Paid If She's Not Alive To Pay For This Care? My Brother Was On A Respirator For Two Weeks Suffering Because Of One Doctor Didn't Want His Patient  Dead Without His Room Being Paid For...He Was On 5 Pain Meds.. Didn't Help...Ten People Wanted To "Pull The Plug" Doc Said No Because  The Patient Wasn't Unconscious Long Enough?? Animals Shouldn't Suffer Either...
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G'day Omnom,

Thank you for your question.

On balance, probably not as there is the temptation to play God. If it is introduced, there should be a number of protections in place.

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No, every human being should compensate the life in any situation.It's the God rule.
If you don't believe the god ,then also don't believe the pain.What would you get by killing a person on that reason.Do you remove his pain.No, you are not removing pain but you are taking away the life.
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What!!! HaHa. There should be a option and a limit. If there was a god and he let a person suffer pain before they die. He is no God of mine.
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If he is no God of yours.Why doesn't he remove the pain without killing them.
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Well, we surely should NOT allow the government to ALLOW and PASS euthanasia. In Fact the government should KEEP it's nose OUT. If a person has a will stating that the person should be allowed to die that is another case. I believe that all people have the CHOICE as to whether they prefer to lay up there and suffer or not. This is a person's choice and we should not allow the government to play God.
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Euthanasia should be allowed or not is a negotiable point that can be argued equally on both sides.

Argument defending Euthanasia

Some communities and religion such as Hindus believe under good guidance its morally right to ease the agony of the patient if no signs of recovery. As a was express freedom of choice one is left with that right to make his own choices. Some sickness is too expensive to sustain a patient for some period especially to life support machines but finally, the patient dies. These costs can be reduced through Euthanasia with precise consent. Pain and agony is another point that the patient can face and at times doctors are left with no other option but to listen to the urge to reduce the suffering through Euthanasia

  Arguments Against.

People may take advantages of this practices and cause unnecessary deaths. While other religions believe its morally upright others feels that God is the one who should decide when your life should to an end. If over done can reduce the sense of humanity. Those involved in the practices especialy the relatives of the patients may face a life time regret of there action.

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Yea sure, I'd want the option if and when I find myself in a situation that brought me no chance of hope and a ton of pain.
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Hi Omnom.I think the answer must be no.There are some very unscrupulous people out there,just waiting for the chance to get thier hands on thier "loved ones" possessions.

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