What Is Commercialization Of Religion?


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I would say the most noticeable commercialization comes on two fronts.
The first being the large so called "Super Churches" that seat nearly a thousand or more, often with gift shops within the Church itself or on the property nearby.
Speaking on those, there is a rather small Church near where I live that actually has a Starbucks coffee shop inside of it. Think about that for a minute :)

The second I would say come from the religious channels, who often sell stuff openly in between preaching and prayer. There is actually a show titled "Religious Catalog" which sells nothing but religious memorabilia - completely unnecessary to faith no matter how you try to spin it.
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I have not yet got my answer,instead what you have given me are just examples of what i needed.Would you tell me the meaning of commercialization of religion today.But your examples are good and i have got more knowledge through them,keep it up.
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I don't know how much help I can be, sorry if I fall short.
The meaning of any commercialization is ultimately to make money, to profit. It boggles my mind that religion should ever keep a financial record as a business would. Doing Gods work should not come with red and black ink.
I hope you find what you need in the way of answers, Again I am sorry I am not able to be of more help.

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