Is Of Mice And Men A Christian Band?


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There are many different opinions as to whether or not Of Mice and Men are a Christian band or not. When you search online there are people which argue that they are not, even if they have songs which have a Christian influence, and there are other people who have assumes that Of Mice And Men are a Christian band due to the songs that they sing. The only way in which you are going to find the answer that you are looking for is by searching for an interview from the band to see if they are asked the question. It appears as though there are many different opinions on the matter and therefore the only people who are going to know for sure are the band themselves.

You can either look for different magazines to give you the answers that you are looking for, or you can try and search through the hundreds of opinions to see if there are any which have any real evidence other than pure opinion. It is up to you which you decide to believe if you cannot find any strong evidence to support an argument, and if you think that they fact that Of Mice And Men sing songs which are influenced by Christianity means that they are in fact a Christian band.

The only person that can make the decision is you and you are going to have to take both sides of the argument into consideration so you can make a decision which is informed and which you are going to believe in. However, the best way for you to ensure that you are going to have the right answer is by searching for a quote from Of Mice And Men themselves to see if they answer the question and then you can be sure that this is right.
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I believe so. If they aren't they definitely stealing from Christian bands in terms of lyrics.

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