What Is The Biblical Meaning Of 29?


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29 christian numerology meaning with expectancy of judgment
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Many numbers are mentioned in the Bible and they have certain significance. However, the significance is not mentioned in the Bible but the meaning can be derived from the way the numbers are used in the passages. Care is needed while this derivation because the biblical meaning of numbers may not exist in scripture.

The meaning of 29 can be derived by examining the meaning of twenty and nine. In the Bible the number 20 signifies Expectation that is the hope for the divine completion. The number 9 signifies Judgment in relation to the Nine People Stoned.

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Thank u, Katie01. I did find that the number 29 = DEPARTURE, however, I wasn't able to find corresponding Scripture. I did also find your meanings for the combination of 20 & 9. Thanks again.
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While the numbers "2" and "9" and "29" have division, judgment and finality attached to them. I believe the above numbers have meaning for the up coming year of 2009. I believe we will see a year whereby maturity in the lives of people will be judged. Where individuals are judged mature there will be tremendous empowerment granted. But, where individuals are judged immature no longer will they hold positions power. I believe the year of 2009 can be summed up this way "it is finished." No longer will individuals in positions of power be able to deceive others. Deception will be exposed as a secondary judgment in the year of 2009. There will be a separation of good from evil.
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I would not be to quick to apply meaning to 29 ,come on guys. The numbers that have meaning are basically 7....3....6....1..... And I suppose we can go out on a limb with a few others otherwise a follower of Christ can get off track if every number starts spinning in our head

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