What Were The Symptoms Of Being A Witch In The Salem Witch Trials?


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Ok these are mostly ubsurd answers and since I study the witchcraft trials of 1692 ill tell you. There were no real symptoms. The judges and magistrates trying the cases of the accused went only by spectral evidence that the accusers said was happening to them. None of which could be physically proved. Before the trials there where examinations. During examinations they would strip you down of all clothing in front of all the towns people who came to watch and they would search your body for any freckle, mole, birth mark, pigmentation, or strawberry. These where thought to be the places where the devil would drink from them. This only gave more of a ruling against you. How a person would become accused was mostly because other towns folk would have a held grudge against a person for having part of the land that they claim is rightfully theres. Most of these people accused where of course women and most women in salem where midwives to there neighbors and if something happened to that baby while still in the womb or died shortly after birth they believed it was because the midwife had put a curse or spell on the mother and child. Very few in salem where old accused witches. You could also be accused for not coming to church not being babtised or your children not being babtised if you had a poppie that looked similar to an accuser if you where a loner in the village there were many a reason why one would be accused. To me it is a fasinating subject to study and if you are interested to no more then you could contact me or you could go out and buy a book of how it all began and how it all played out till the end.
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There are lots of different signs of being a witch.Like having a animal such as a black cat, another sign of being a witch was if you had a birth mark or large black marks on your body.
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Often someone who had a large birth mark on their body was thought to be a witch, also if it was somewhere where you couldn't hide it without looking suspicious, like on your face. Strange things like green eyes, or having ginger hair were thought to be signs of a witch because they were rare, and if you were different in those days that meant you were in league with the devil.
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If a woman had a birthmark she was considered a witch I believe it was the catholic church who burned innocent people ironic since we came to america escaping the spanish inquisition
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1) If you had a spot or even worse a wart on your nose.
2) If you owned a broom.
3) If you were disabled
4) People used to frame people they didn't like.
5) If you were different.
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