Why Is The 6th Of December Special In Germany?


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There is a special tradition with regard to the 6th December, which is observed every year in Germany. On the evening of December 5th, young children place huge, clean boots outside their doors.

Some people even place a plate with bread on it near the window, and the bread is supposed to be for Santa Claus' white horse.

It is believed that the next morning, children will know that Santa Claus has visited their house if there are nuts, oranges and other goodies left in the boot or on the plate.

It is a sign for kids that they had been well-behaved throughout the year.

However, if you have not been well-behaved for the entire year, you only get a switch - which is a sign to the parents that they should punish their kids, thought that doesn't usually happen.

This tradition was started so that kids could enjoy the Christmas holidays in many different ways.

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