Do You Think The "Rock Star 27" Curse Is True?


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I am more of a Sh** happens kinda person... I am not superstitious. So yeah I agree with you Purple814.
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Think about how many dead rock stars there are. I think that the ones who died at 27 are a small amount in proportion to how many rock stars total that have died.
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I think it's just a coincidence! What do you think?
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I don't believe in it. I think our bodies have a certain age like puberty that while were young adults  from 18-30/35 we plan our live a certain way but stuff happens and we feel worse from in between that time. But after that somehow we calm down and just accept life as it is.
Maybe they were kids for to long and couldn't grow out of it. Realized they were getting old and took there last feeling young medicine.
Or maybe I'm just making a big thing out of coincidence.

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