How Do I Know If Im A Demigod?


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If you're worried that you're a demigod, then here are a couple of signs to look out for:

Signs that prove you're a demigod
  • Demigods tend to have supernatural powers. Often, they will be genetically inherited from their supernatural lineage, so one of your parents might have the same powers too.
  • Premonitions are often the first sign of being a 'demigod'. If you're particularly sensitive or observant, or if you have the power to foresee things before they happen - then there's a good chance you're a demigod.
  • Like fully-fledged Gods, demigods often have a short fuse. If you've got a short fuse or you lose your temper quite easily, then this is an indication of divine traits.
How can I tell if I'm a demigod?
In all honesty, you'll never truly know whether you're a demigod until your powers come into full fruition. In most demigods, supernatural powers don't start fully forming until the age of 18.

Whilst it is possible to experience certain supernatural sensations earlier than that, most people live their teenage years not even knowing they're any different from everyone else out there!

Just for laughs, you may want to take one of the following demigod quizzes (although they're not accurate, they're still really funny):

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all of the tests said that I was the daughter of Poseidon because I like to swim and I love horses

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The only signs that count against me being a demigod is the fact that i don't have dislexia or ADHD ( well ive never been diagnosed with it)

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Well, lets see... Monsters will appear, and usually you live with only one parent, and that parent has a fishy story about what happened to your REAL father or mother.

Also, demigods usually have ADHD, or dyslexia.

How do I know Demigods are real? I know because my friend is one.but, I'm think I'm a half blood, but no signs. I think I'm 100% mortal. But I can see a little through the mist.
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there real im just like you guys all though i can see through it fully and use it sort of speak
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I've done many of those un acurate tests and 9/10 of them said I was a demi god of hades and the things they describes- described me.
I'm guessing the more unacurated tests I take the answer I get the most is most likely the truth.
Am I likely to be a demigod?
I know you may not be able to say if I am one or not but this is an estimation kayyy?
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1/10 are either anthena or ares and ares is in the bloodline with hades since he's his brother soo.
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1) That is fantasy...its not real!!
2) But if you're insisting, then you must have dyslexia or ADHD.
You must find a satyr fast and go to camp half blood...

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