What Are Some Things For A Mistress Of Ceremony For A Church Women Day?


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The mistress of ceremonies in a church has a whole host of responsibilities, from making speeches to conducting school and educational visits. The mistress of ceremony responsibility can be simple or challenging, depending upon the type of event your church is conducting. For smaller events less preparation will be required, and of course for larger events you will have to do more homework and study.

If you are planning on taking up such a role in your local church or community group there are a number of things you can do to gain experience and hone your skills.
Teach a Sunday school class at your church that has a small to large group of children or young people. If you can get their attention and keep it as well, then you're off to a really good start. Monitoring the reaction of a young audience is a good barometer of how your public speaking is going.
Volunteer to present at local school parent-teacher meetings, as these will be good practice for you in keeping the attention of your audience. Usually parent-teacher meetings take place in the evening after people have been at work all day, are tired and not necessarily excited about listening to anything. Use your creativity to get their attention, keep them awake, and get your point across.
Offer to teach continuing education class at your local community college because this will help you refine your research skills which are also important when seeking to be effective public speaker.

Make sure you choose a subject to speak about, that not only covers women’s issues but is also something you are enthusiastic and feel strongly about. If you are not 100 per cent about your role and what you are doing, this will come across to the congregation and other church goers.

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