What Is The Setting Of Malakas And Maganda?


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Malakas and Maganda or Malakas at Maganda is a creation myth Filipinos believe in; therefore, the setting is considered to be the Philippines. This link provides information about the myth:
According to the story, the beginning started with a goddess of the sea, Maguayen and the sky god Kaptan. They quarreled, allowing rain, lightning and thunder to be thrown into the sea. Maguayen threw waves and hurricanes to reach the sky. Kaptan threw boulders at Maguayen helping to form the islands called the Philippines. These two battled for many years until Magaul became tired of it. He flew as a bird between sea and sky until peace was made.

The story goes the two fell in love and from their love grew a seed that was planted on the island. This seed became bamboo. The bird Magaul split the bamboo one day forming two halves. A man came from one half- Malakas and the second half provided Maganda.

The two lived as husband and wife having many children that spread throughout the islands of the Philippines to populate it.

The story of Malakas and Maganda is set in the Philippines as an origin myth. Every culture has an origin myth. This one is more regional than many of the others that exist. There are also variations of the myth such as the bird starting the quarrel between the two before creating the end result of two people who populated the island. As with most origin myths, it is not unheard of or even surprising to have variations to the myth.

The origin story differs from religious stories in that it took gods and a goddess to form the Philippines instead of the islands being formed as a part of the world as a whole.

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