How do afro-asian narratives reveal peoples's belief, attitudes, self-concepts, philosophy in life and social ethics/standards?


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Afro-Asian narratives, like all types of literature, reveal their writer's beliefs, attitudes, self-concepts, philosophy in life and social ethics and standards in a number of ways.

  • Point of view is shaped by background

People all over the world, regardless of where they are from, are shaped by their race. They are taught to accept certain values, attitudes and beliefs from a young age because they are from a certain race. The effects of your race, just like other parts of your identity (such as the region you are from, or your gender), shape your opinions and viewpoints.

The opinions and viewpoints you have are reflected in everything you do. For example, as a white British girl, I may react differently to a situation than an Afro-Asian girl would, because we have different viewpoints as a result of our background.

  • The unconscious effects of race

Although we aren't conscious of how our race has shaped us, it is very prominent in our lives and is evident in all we do. We cannot control the way that our opinions and viewpoints are affected by our race - it simply happens. Therefore, when a writer or literature - whether it be Afro-Asian literature or American literature - writes a novel, their viewpoints and opinions are subconsciously conveyed in their writing. There is nothing that a writer can do to stop this. Even if a writer were to take on a persona completely different from their own, the writer's particular viewpoints would still be subconsciously expressed.

As a result, a narrative written by an Afro-Asian writer would convey the particular viewpoints and opinions that are acceptable, within the Afro-Asian community, as the writer has been exposed to these viewpoints throughout their life. For example, if a writer were to describe an event, their opinions on the event would be expressed in the writing (whether the writer wanted this or not) because of the way they have been shaped by their race.

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