Winston Churchill-if you could ask him any question what would it be?,


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Mr Churchill, for most of your life, Great Britain was a world power, an economic power and the workshop of the world. Half of all the world's ships were built here, the mills of Lancashire produced half of the world's cotton, we were self-sufficient in food. We had the world's respect, if not necessarily its friendship. Where do you think it all went wrong?
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How do you think this world has turned out, compared to when you last knew it.
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Hilary Newton
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Would luv to here his answer to that one,owe u another one,
millicent williams
Yes I reckon he would be turning in his grave if he knew what his once great country had turned into
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Why did you allow your son Rondolph to object to, and ultimately prevent, Elizabeth II's offer to bestow the title of Duke of London on you?  A title he would have inherited upon your death and a fitting honour to one of the world's greatest-ever statesmen, political leaders and saviour of Britain during it's most darkest and threatening times.
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Thanks for that Hilary.Makes answering your Q worthwhile knowing it's appreciated.
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Please if there really is a God can he resurrect Sir Winston so I can ask him to run our once great country because it has been turned into europes lapdog by subsequent spineless governments!

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