Can anyone tell me any church that requires Church Membership Resignation Letter? Just for my school papers.


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Some Presbyterian churches require membership resignation letters, as do some Mormons, Catholic and Pentecostal ones. It really does depend to a great deal on the set-up of each individual church.

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Not every church actually has membership. Many believe that they should be open to the public and remain so, without the need for membership. These are usually smaller community churches, where everyone knows everyone else and people have been coming for years, so there is no argument over who gets to do what.

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Memberships in churches are usually required to qualify individuals to be eligible to become a deacon, worship leader, etc. In addition, it also usually involves the giving of a regular sum of money, or tithing, as it is called.

In other words, membership affords members privileges other visitors are not entitled to. It also swells church funds. Obviously, if a member resigns, their name has to be taken off the list of members. To keep bureaucracy happy, a letter of resignation must be provided.

This will result in the name of the former being removed from the membership register and they will no longer be entitled to certain posts or aspects of life within the church community. They will also be taken of the tithing register and tithes will no longer be collected.

The best way to find out is contact a few local churches and see whether they have memberships, and if so, do they require their members to provide a letter of resignation if they leave.

This will also give an opportunity to name specific churches, rather than being as general as we were at the beginning. A local church may even be willing to provide a sample letter to use as part of the project, which would no doubt look good.

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