What should I do for my myth project? I am doing a myth about a goddess of daylight that is gorgeous and does something to make herself dark and ugly during half the day making it dark and nit time.What foolish thing could she do to make that happen?


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Maria Not Telling Profile
You could say the dispite all warnings from her mother  to not stay out to long  young goddess foolishly disobyed she walked and walked for what seemed like hours she than came arcoss a stream with a big willow tree next to it  she was only going to rest for a minute but she fell alseep in the sun and when she awoke her skin was so burnt it was black but beacuse she was partly under the tree only half of her body was burnt now shed cursed to walked the earth alone only allowed to show one of her sides at a time
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Lynne Dwyer answered
Compare herself to the sun, who becomes angry, and lets half the day dark so no-one can see her.

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