What Is The Meaning Of The Song 'Dear Vienna' By Owl City? (It Makes Me Sad And Creeps Me Out.)


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I love this song! It makes me sad too, but it’s quite hopeful at the same time.

Adam Young from Owl City has never said what the song is actually about, so we can only try to interpret it based on the music and lyrics. The tune is quite bouncy and upbeat but the lyrics are pretty sad, and it seems to be about someone who was depressed after a difficult break-up but is now feeling much better.

Some people think that Dear Vienna is a song written from the point of view of a guy whose girlfriend died.  To me, it seems to be about having a beautiful relationship and then having it end abruptly, but that might just be because I listened to it a lot when I broke up with my boyfriend!

The “Dear Vienna” part is because he’s addressing his ex-girlfriend (who’s either dead or just not in his life anymore) and the lyrics “Then I reviewed every frame and basic shape, and sealed the exits with caution tape” suggest that he’s been really depressed and thought about suicide, but then dismissed the idea after finding beauty in the simple things again.

The good thing about this song being so ambiguous is that you can interpret it any way you want, and it can mean something to you personally. Hope I helped!
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I don't know. Owl City's songs are so beyond most people's imaginations...it might not make sense in our minds, but it makes sense in his. =)

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