How Should I Treat Mormon Missionaries Who Come Visit Me At My Home?


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It does no harm to treat the people who visit with courtesy and respect.
Most Mormons who visit will happily leave if you ask them to.
I have a couple of acquaintances who are Mormons and have been a bridesmaid at a Mormon wedding although I am of a completely different faith. I've found those I know to be very good people. They are very kind to those in need.

Provided that you don't feel forced into listening about a religion you just can't tolerate there's no harm in listening to other peoples views, you might never agree but at least it helps widen your world view and understand what others believe in.

If you do invite Mormon missionaries in you should be prepared to exchange views with people who may think very differently from the way you do, however exchanges of views can be healthy and we need much more toleration in the world today.
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Treat them kindly the same way as you'd treat anyone.Even though I am a Catholic, I admire the way Mormons see Christianity, and I think if Catholicism didn't exist, I would strongly consider being a Mormon.It doesn't matter if you are a different Religion- talk to the Mormons and communicate with them through interfaith dialogue.It will be interesting to learn about their faith, and you can tell them about yours. And if you are a different type of Christian, remember - 'There is one Lord Jesus Christ and the rest is a dispute over trifles.' Hope this helps.
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I loved the question and the answers. Treat people with respect. Yes, by all means be hospitable. You are a representative of your town, state, and country. They eventually go home, how do you want to be remembered. They will not do anything or say anything which offends you. Most are right out of highschool and have given up much to have the privilege of meeting you. If you do not wish them to come inside, tell them politely, they will not have hard feelings!
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Be sure to treat Mormon missionaries with the same respect and kindness you would treat anyone. Even if you dislike their church, or disagree with their beliefs, it is good to keep in mind that the young missionaries who go from house to house are working as volunteers. They are not getting paid for this and their work lasts for two years, during which time they cannot see their family, they have very limited contact with parents and friends, and their work days are far longer than those of most people.

If you decide to let Mormon missionaries into your home, offer them a drink and a snack. Mormons do not drink coffee or tea, as well as any drinks that contain caffeine, so keep this in mind. When asked, most missionaries just opt for a glass of water. If you can offer them some snacks, they will certainly be very appreciative of this, as they do live on very tight budgets.

Also, remember to call the missionaries "Elder." This is their official title and even though it may seem strange to call an 18 year old by this, it is best to respect their customs on this issue.
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It's common for people in the UK (i am generalising) for people to ignore the Mormons when they come to their door.

I however have a really nice guy that comes to our door now and again. He's harmless enough and i enjoy a chat with him.
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Don't let em in the door! They will ask you if you need anything, or need anything done around the house, and this is how they weasel their way in. Now, they will bash every other religion but their own, and do we really believe that God would appear to some idiot named Smith? Don't think so! And, they will also tell you that Jesus said every other religion is a lie, now why would the Holy Trinity lie? They believe in 3 levels of heaven, and that you can't get to the top unless you go to their temple which is so stupid. And that you have to be sealed to a man to get eternal salvation. Ha.And also when you die, only the man gets his own planet, and he will have to have at least 3 wives to populate it, and the women will be popping out spirit children for eternity waiting to come to earth. They also keep very long hair, so that they can wash their husbands feet in "heaven". Also, did you know Smith altered the real Bible to fit his needs, so the ones those missionaries are handing out are a lie? I burned the one I was given.They won't give up that easy, and they will not tell you what goes on in their secret temples either. Look at the Freemasons, and the Mormons temple ceremonies, I know for a fact that he stole his ideas for it from the Masons, as he got kicked out for being a scam artist. Also, compare the symbols on the Mason Temples, and the Mormons, and looks alike to me! They also want all your money, and will tell you that "God" will provide, while you end up living in poverty all to support their cause. Its true, I've seen it. They tell you to pray more, pay more. Please do your research before you have anything else to do with these people. They also do not recognize the virgin Mary as a holy figure, and don't even recognize her at all.They tell you its cause shes too holy, well, they never even mention her,and they also think that God is our brother and lives on a nearby planet called Kol-ob. Ha Ha ha ha haha haha ah.....

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