What Is The Point Of Myths?


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The most apparent purpose of myths is to explain facts, which might be natural or cultural. For example, an American Indian explains the origin of corn in this way: there is a lonely man who meets a beautiful woman with long, fair hair, who promises to stay with him if he does as he says; she tells him to make a fire and drag her over the burned ground; as a result, he will see her silken hair (the cornstalk) reappear, and after that he will have corn seeds for his use.

Clearly, a myth such as this one functions as an explanation, but the story form differentiates it from a clear-cut answer to an intellectual question about causes. The purpose of the explanation and the story form complement each other, since the creative power of the myth makes it sound creditable and turns it into an unforgettable and lasting form. For this reason myths play an important part in many conventional systems of education.
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Myths were meant to explain peoples surroundings , much like science does today(but personally I like myths better, they're more fun to read than a biology book). Also sometimes they could teach lessens and religion too.

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