What Are The Islamic Objectives Of Distribution Of Wealth?


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Islamic Economic System is based on belief that there is no shortage of resources for human beings. Quran says that God creates all human beings with their portion of sustenance. Problem is not the scarcity of resources but it’s the distribution of it what the problem is.

I have proven that if the Islamic economic system implemented properly than the resources available become unlimited, enough to cover the entire Ummah (which is the poorest of all) without a difficulty and more. It is proven therefore, that there is no scarcity of resources for any human being rich or poor. So the Quran was right all along when it said that God has created every human being with their sustenance in due proportion. All we had to do is to figure it out how.

If the total wealth of Ummah is properly put in circulation among all people of Ummah than it magically becomes limitless, enough for every single citizen to benefit from it without ever depleting it.
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Islam considers all those things, material or immaterial, as wealth, which have the power or satisfaction of spiritual, economic and social needs of mankind. The concept of wealth postulated by the modern economists is far from that of Islam in the sense that it is restricted to material well being of the society. Though some economists have vehemently opposed this idea and pleaded that the subject matter of economic must be seen in practical life. There is an unambiguous demand for spiritual needs of mankind.

In Islam, offering prayers as prescribed is considered as intangible wealth, because it purifies hearts, provides spiritual satisfaction and entitles a Muslim or a believer a luxurious and pleasure living in the world hereafter. But the prayers must be, fasting, paying zakat and giving due to Infaq – fi – Sabil – Allah.

In fact, it is the very intangible wealth which has a far reaching impact on life of a Muslim, or an Islamic Society and on the economic system of Islam as a whole. Besides, for a Muslim it is, 'intangible wealth to help brothers – in – faith in distress and hardships as he is to be rewarded for his deeds and educated by Allah'.

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