How Did Prometheus Help Humans?


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Well, it was said that he created us out of what was left from the animal's creation, so he made us stand straight and tall, and stuff like that. Zeus wasn't happy that we shared the same hunting grounds with them, so he made a deal with him. He would kill and ox, then present two plates of different parts of the ox to him for him to choose. What ever was left was for us. So he put the tasty parts of the ox into its' stomach bag, and wraped the rest of it in a tasty looking layer of edible fat. Zeus, being greedy and all chose the tasty looking fat and left the terrible looking plate of stomach and meat for us. Then zeus got angry at his trick and wouldn't give fire to us to cook our food, so he with the help of athena, stole fire and gave it to us. Zeus was very angry when he found out what he did. The rest of the myth is about pandora's box.

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