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So we have recognized a short times past of the beginning Fathers of Taoism, at the present let's contain a tiny look at what a Taoist Warrior believes. The initial thing to be aware of about Taoism is that it is found in paradoxes. A Taoist fighter is alienated from situations, but so far very considerate. A Taoist fighter enjoys what life has to present, but does not glue to life itself. The Taoist Warrior is very decent and flaxen, but ignores all values and moral principles.

As you can see the Taoist fighter is conformist in that he is utterly irregular. The Taoist fighter is at habitat in personality, he cans effort in the hustle and bustle of city life but full of meaning within he is at one among natural world The Taoist fighter is a man of accord, but he is no peace lover. The Taoist fighter will apply hostility if there is no other way to decide a subject matter, but he recognizes that in the course of the use of anger he has previously lost. The Taoist fighter is a man of his remark; he is a man that can be trusted to do the accurate article. He does not consider in the laws of man, because if you have to feel if it is right or immoral then it is manifestly immoral.
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The Tao Te Ching written in the 6th century BC is the most published book in the world;
second only to the bible. Most believe it was written by Lao Tzu.

If you study the Tao and Taoism you will come to understand the paradoxes of life and how a Tao Warrior can become to be.

A quick version of a long story is that a Tao Warrior, or Taoist Warrior spends perhaps two seasons of his existence becoming a warrior and a scholar.
After he or she has reached his zenith he basically in the Winter of his life steps away from his earthly gains, becomes a sage and leaves the known world of 10,000 things to return to nothing; which he now knows as everything.

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