Do You Agree That Dec 21, 2012 Is Just Another Hoax To Get People All Rolled Up About Something?


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Yes and no. I agree that it may be all blown out of proportion but there is scientific proof that something is going to happen. I don't think there are ulterior motives behind it. I think it is just panic and fear of the unknown. No one can really say for sure how this change in the universe will affect us. They are not saying hey go and buy all this stuff for your fallout shelter, they are saying hey we're all gonna die go enjoy life. So i don't think they have anything to gain by the panic.
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Dude I totally agree with you, I've heard heaps of other predictions that dont sound really acurate either, such as the world ending in 6, 000, 000, 000 years, 600 years and 6, 000, 000 years, and what I notice is that every prediction I've heard starts with the number 6 (which im reffering to the number of the beast, 666) and besides the world won't end this early, and another thing either way im not scared of it if it is in fact true because as horrible as it sounds our time of death can come at any time and we've all got to die sometime. One more thing, like the lyrics to Roadrunner United-The End go "Everyone Will Be Washed Away, Drowning In The Hell That We Made"
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Yes i do agree. It's a bunch of bs.
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Hadn't really heard much about the 12, 12, 12.  I don't take much stock in that kind of stuff anyway.

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