What Makes You Happy To Be Alive?


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God, family, friends, pets etc... They make my life more pleasant and give me a purpose to be here.
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There are many reasons I don't mind hanging around . Family friends etc etc. But I have one particular positive energy in my life that brings me a constant source of joy. Now I know as a practicing catholic it would be expected of me to mention my god and my faith at this juncture. But in this case its not, and I know he wont mind me saying so. For its my nephew calum. He is a very special young man aged 14. He suffers from a disorder from the autistic range and i have been a part of his life from birth. My wife and i cared for him while his parents were both working and I couldn't imagine life without him.  His conversational skills are limited and his behavior can be erratic. But the strange thing is, that while he needed me a lot as he was growing up, I now feel I need him in my life much more. Hes taller than me now and still he sits on my knee and gives me cuddles and kisses. He wants my attention constantly and he is better than any anti depressant I have ever tried. To a stranger he might appear cold and strange. To me however, he is duracell long life battery of love. He asks nothing in return and I take great pleasure in being a part of his life. :)
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First God,my hubby children grand kids and the rest of my family,without God I would not be here anyway,because he knew who I would need in my life to keep me stable and wanting to live there was a time when I did not care if I lived or died,and those who are in my life are there for a reason.
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Me, My family, friends, hopes and dreams and horses.

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