What Type Of Music Does The Devil Listen To?


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There is no such thing as a "Devil."
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Throughout the ages, the priest of the dominant religion have been quick to identify what music belongs to the Devil and what music belongs to God. For more information, read this excellent article from Light Bridge Music.
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(not a joke)well i have never asked this question -does satan still have his voice as he had before he was kicked out of heaven. According to what i know the bible describes the former angel now known as that  old serpent to have had a voice that was as music. In other words when he spoke it was as if music/a melody was being played(loosely paraphrased).so by that i would say he listens to his own voice.in other words he spoke so pleasantly/beautifully/graciously that he has misled himself into thinking he can compare himself to God.
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The devil listens 2 music? Awsum!
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Um, strange...random question...

I don't believe in the devil :)

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