Can We Ever Benefit From Failure?


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“There are no failures - just experiences and your reactions to them.”

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There is not failure in trying.
There's only failing to try.
If someone was able to go through
life without failing, imagine how
boring that life would be.
Failure creates challenge,
challenge creates enhancement.
Enhancement is learning.
Babies begin life learning and
the learning only stops with someone's
last breath.
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"Failure" teaches a person what does not work.
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Failure is the  step towards  Success !
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Yes we can, our failures makes us work harder so we will not be as likely to mess up the next time around.
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Through failure comes success.
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Soman Bangaree answered
Yes, everytime. Before you ask this Q, i got a text "success is like a problem and failure is like a formula- you can't solve the problem without knowing formula"
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Totally yes. If you someone is ambitious, they must have a feeling of hope, and that mistake they made should be fixed by and by. Therefore, success should always be with your company.
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One of human kinds greatest triumphs in not that we fail but that we try again when we do fail.  We learn from our mistakes (failures) and go on to make that failure a success.
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Yes If WE Learn From Our Mistakes.. Success Can Go To Your Head If You Do EVERYTHING Right The First Time.. Failure Can Makes You Think..  Make You Stronger Because You Try And Try Till It's Done Right..  Einstein WAS Told He WAS A "Failure" At Math.. Look What He Became.
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Depends on what  your failing at in my opinion for instance you fail an exam you can see where you went wrong and learn form your mistakes whether it's simply reading a question more carefully or learning your material but if it's failing in love for example some people never learn who to stay with or away from.
To learn from a failure i believe you have to carry something away from it if you can't do that you haven't really learnt anything just gained an experience or memory
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Well Soman got this right all the way.
I was just going to say that nobody learns much from success but everybody remembers what caused them to fail.
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Of course, without failure you what never know what you have done wrong, it helps you learn from your problems/mistakes. I remember when Michael Jordan once said this: "I have failed in my career over and over again, and that is why I succeed."
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Of course. Sometimes u must fail several times before u can succeed. Colonel Sanders was 67 yrs old before he made Kentucky Fried chicken and he had fried chicken ALL of his adult years; but, it took this long for him to find the PERFECT recipe.
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"Failure is a chance to begin again more intelligently." Said one wise man...Another smart man Thomas Edison said, "It is impossible to succeed without failure,"
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As edison said he had found 1000 ways to not make a light bulb and 1 way to make it work.
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Idk! I dont even know what this means! I dont know who shared this with me! Where am i? Who are you! Wheres my mum! :',(
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Yes, they are the best learning and improving upon sources of human beings.
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Yes i always believe in "Failures are stepping stones to success". But always doing the same mistake is the work of a fool.
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People do not fail, they learn. All experiences in life are a way of learning what, how, why, and when. Without them we would never grow as people or as a society.

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