Do you prefer a minimalist lifestyle?


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Frankly, I do nothing in a minimalist way.  I live as large as my finances and good conscience allows concerning my personal lifestyle.  I enjoy travel, giving gifts and indulging myself with the nicer perks that comes from working hard and long.  But, as far as living in a digital world with technology ruling it:  That is an entirely different matter.  I do what I must do to function in a world I did not grow up in.  Simply using my cell phone is a challenge...give me a phone that allows calls to come in, calls to go out and has a caller ID function.  That is all I need,  but I have a phone that takes photos, has bluetooth (whatever the heck that is), takes videos, has a GPS...all that additional junk that I don't need nor even want.  I do have a computer (obviously) but do not do banking on it and rarely use it to shop, I do not do Facebook etc.  It is now a chore just to turn on the TV.  What I need is a controller that turns the TV on, changes channels and controls the volume...but no, husband has surround sound, DVD and other assorted buttons that must be mastered.  So, living life in general...I live large, technically speaking, give me a minimalist lifestyle.
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Nanat, I would agree with you that Online Banking is a dodgy business. I have already read quite a few horror tales of respectable people with thousands in their accounts who have had their account numbers cloned,and their funds stolen. Not for me.
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It seems through choices not of my own making, I am forced to. However, I would prefer a bit more embellished style.
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Have you considered marrying Zsa Zsa Gabor, or do you think she is too young for you?
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Just think, she's a Gabor, you just spell your name differently, yours is "GABORE"
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I live a very frugal lifestyle, but I do it by careful purchasing, not by doing without.

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